Hey. We're back with another script reading of an unproduced horror script. This time our largest assembled cast yet tackles Carky Fukunaga's bug nuts second draft for Stephen King's IT. This one has it all, including baby eating. We had a blast recording this one, even if it goes off the rails by page 38. Enjoy. 

The players:

PENNYWISE Sloane Kay (@pierogiwitch)

Bill Denbrough Mike Snoonian (@mike_snoonian)

Richie Tozier Julian Gardner (@juliansgardner)

Beverly Marsh Nichole Goble (@NicholeInDC)

Eddie Kasbrak Molly Henery (@BloggingBanshee)

Ben Hanscomb Brian Keiper (@BrianDKeiper)

Mike Hanlon Katie Wallace

Stage Directors: Jim Rohner (@NolanFixesTeeth), Jessica Scott (@WeWhoWalkHere), Taffeta Vee (@TaffetaV)

Henry Bowers Devaughn Taylor (@_daddydisco)

Snatch Huggins, Patrick Hocksetter, Mrs. Marsh  Melissa Jurkowski (@gekpodcast)

Victor Criss Tifa (@chickapedia)

Greta, Zach Denbrough Katie Wallace

Georgie Denbrough, Mr. Marsh & Sharon Denbrough Jay Alary (@JuliusBarthlme)

Mrs Kasbrak & various Ryan Healy (@ryandanielhealy)

Chief Borton & various Stephen Foxworthy (@ChewyWalrus)









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