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Fucking dolls man. 


This week Mike and Lindsay tackle the midpoint of the Conjuring movies, Annabelle Creation. David Sanberg's follow-up to his own hit, Light's Out, gets to step out of the shadows a bit with this haunted house tale that mostly works by putting kids in incredible danger, but at time suffers from bloat and repetition. Hear what else we have to say. 

THE CONJURING 2 w/Mishna Wolff (writer “Werewolves Within”)

This week we welcome special guest Mishna Wolff to talk about her new indie horror comedy, IFC's Werewolves Within) along with the second movie in the Conjuring-verse, 2016's THE CONJURING 2. This time Ed and Lorraine Warren hop over the pond to check on a pair of cheeky moppets who claim their house is being terrorized by a belligerent old man ghost. Are their more jump scare and spooky spookies to be had? This may be the height of the series, and we dive into exactly what makes this one work so well. 

ANNABELLE “Bringing this doll home is a surefire way to end any relationship”

We continue our trek through the Conjuring-verse with its first spinoff, and the first in a trilogy around that creepy-ass doll Annabelle. We're joined by Bodies of Horror host Nichole Goble to talk just why dolls are so freaky, what works in this so-so film, and what the scariest toys we ever had in childhood were. The scariest thing about this movie is just how good it is at churning out those box-office dollars, so someone out there finds her terrifying. 

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“It’s like superheroes for the Catholics” THE CONJURING

This week we kick off a new franchise with the closes thing to the Marvel-verse horror has offered since the Universal films of the 30s and 40s. We're exploring THE CONJURING, James Wan's supernatural chiller based on the "true" case files of Ed and Lorraine Warren. We explore what actually constitutes truth and how much it's okay to bend it to tell a great story. We're joined by DeVaughn Taylor of The Bloody Blunts Cinema Club podcast to discuss a film we all mostly enjoy. From creepy dolls like Annabelle to crafting a well-timed jump scare, Wan gets more right than wrong, even if he lionizes a pair of hucksters and charlatans. 

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Cary Fukunaga’s IT: CHAPTER ONE script reading

Hey. We're back with another script reading of an unproduced horror script. This time our largest assembled cast yet tackles Carky Fukunaga's bug nuts second draft for Stephen King's IT. This one has it all, including baby eating. We had a blast recording this one, even if it goes off the rails by page 38. Enjoy. 

The players:

PENNYWISE Sloane Kay (@pierogiwitch)

Bill Denbrough Mike Snoonian (@mike_snoonian)

Richie Tozier Julian Gardner (@juliansgardner)

Beverly Marsh Nichole Goble (@NicholeInDC)

Eddie Kasbrak Molly Henery (@BloggingBanshee)

Ben Hanscomb Brian Keiper (@BrianDKeiper)

Mike Hanlon Katie Wallace

Stage Directors: Jim Rohner (@NolanFixesTeeth), Jessica Scott (@WeWhoWalkHere), Taffeta Vee (@TaffetaV)

Henry Bowers Devaughn Taylor (@_daddydisco)

Snatch Huggins, Patrick Hocksetter, Mrs. Marsh  Melissa Jurkowski (@gekpodcast)

Victor Criss Tifa (@chickapedia)

Greta, Zach Denbrough Katie Wallace

Georgie Denbrough, Mr. Marsh & Sharon Denbrough Jay Alary (@JuliusBarthlme)

Mrs Kasbrak & various Ryan Healy (@ryandanielhealy)

Chief Borton & various Stephen Foxworthy (@ChewyWalrus)









“There’s So Much Blood” EVIL DEAD (2013)

We're taking one last trip out to that cabin in the woods. This time we're not here for a getaway, a long weekend or a vacation. This time we've got to purge all the bad stuff out of our system. We've got to get back on the straight and narrow. This time we're here to talk about Fede Alvarez' over-the-top gore fest and extreme take on the deadites with EVIL DEAD. We're joined by Certified Forgotten's MATT DONATO to talk about why this might be the cream of the crop when it comes to the films remade* in the 2000s. 

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*Is it a remake? A sequel? A reimagining? A continuation? All of the above? 




This episode we all hail to the king and sing the praises of Army of Darkness. The conclusion to the Evil Dead saga trilogy trades horror for high adventure and humor, and it does it with incredible flair. 

This week we're joined by Stephen Foxworthy, cohost of the Disenfranchised podcast, and Cat Scully, author of the YA illustrated novel Jennifer Strange (available hereto talk one liners, slapstick and boomsticks, and the joy of practical effects and puppetry. This is the one where Bruce Campbell solidifies himself as a genre legend with his wiseacre performance of Ash. 

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This week we've packed up and are heading back out to that cabin in the middle of the woods for Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn. We're joined by filmmaker Brad McHargue to tackle whether this is a sequel or remake, how the passage of time and experience allowed this to be a bigger and bolder experience and the role that Stephen King played yet again in helping Sam Raimi's young career. This is the movie where it feels like Bruce Campbell becomes the  knuckleheaded Ash we've come to know and love all these years later.  Plus, and this is very important, we get into an in-depth discussion on the difference between school lunches in America vs Canada. Riveting stuff as always. 

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After a couple months tackling the extreme and often dank and depressing world of French horror, we needed a bit of a reprieve. We need a little bit of rest and relaxation. We need to get away from all the hustle and the bustle and the grind of the everyday world. So we’ve packed up a weekend travel kit, gotten behind the wheel of our old jalopy and are taking the back roads to a little cabin in the middle of the woods. What could possibly go wrong as we set out to break down the Evil Dead franchise?

The original 1981 remains a groundbreaking work of independent cinema that launched the careers of three childhood friends: Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell & Rob Tapert. Join us as we break down the behind the scenes struggles that it took to launch this video nasty into the world. Learn about the real life curse on the cabin it was filmed and why the filmmakers owe a debt of gratitude to Stephen King.

This week we're joined by J Blake Fichera, author of Scored to Dead & Scored to Death 2: Conversations with some of Horrors Greatest composers. 

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INSIDE & The New French Extremity

We wrap up our overview of French horror with a movie so upsetting, Mike made it a point to lock every door and window to his place despite living  on the third floor of a building at the time. This one is A LOT, & our host is joined by Jim Rohner of the Cast of Cthulu pod to discuss what it is that's so upsetting about this home invasion flick that mixes elements of cat & mouse thrillers with slasher films and extreme body horror. 

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