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HORROR AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Exploring The World of Horror Video Games

We're continuing our "let's try some new stuff" this Halloween season, this time with an overview of the games you should be firing up if you're in the mood of scaring the bejesus out of yourself this Halloween season. Lindsay and Mike talk about what makes a great horror-themed game and talk about some of our favorites like Friday the 13th, Until Dawn, Alien: Isolation, Dead By Dawn, Bioshock, Alan Wake, Man of Medan and more. So fire up the console, stretch out those digits, load up on Mountain Dew and Bagel Bites and have your self a good old fashioned gaming night. 

A Spooky Guide to the Best Horror Comics for the Halloween Season

We’ve gathered a list of some of our most anticipated and favorite horror comics to keep you cozy this Halloween season.

It’s Halloween season, my spooky friends, and the best time to curl up with a pumpkin spiced latte, thick socks, and a good book. And the best kind of book for the occasion: a spooky graphic one.

To get all your warm toes and spiced tongues in the spooky spirit, here’s a collection of my favorite new and anticipated upcoming spooky comics.

Naked American Balloon Thievery Alert: AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON

Beware the moon, listeners! This week, we're taking a break from the format and covering a one-off movie, and it just happens to be Mike's favorite horror movie of all time: John Landis' An American Werewolf in London. Lindsay needed to take the week off for TIFF, so Mike's brought on a pair of fantastic guests to fill her shoes, KiIll By Kill's Gena Radcliffe joins us to discuss how this movie turned her into a lifelong horror fan, and Daily Grindhouse's Jessica Scott is on board to talk about how much this movie has meant to her over the years. Long time listeners are in for a treat as Mike goes off on why Werewolf  is indirectly responsible for his marriage. 


This week we're joined by Bloody Disgusting's Meag Navarro to talk about he latest entry to the Conjuring universe. We say goodbye to this series (for now at least) as Lindsay and Meg try to convince Mike how this one compares favorable to the first two. Mike has his doubts about that. Tackling the only documented case where "demonic possession" was used as a courtroom defense, this time around the Warren's are trying to hunt down the demonic forces possessing Arne Johnson, a young man that killed is landlord. Continuing the series' trend of setting up future spinoff movies, the third film sometimes feels like it's setting up its own Legion of Doom to do battle with the do-gooder Warrens. 


Hey listeners. We hope you enjoy this mini episode that highlights what we're offering our patrons. Right now, we've set a goal of $150 a month. Once we hit that goal, we'll be adding reviews of the most current fare hitting theaters, VOD & streaming services. We're about two-thirds of the way to that goal as we hit publish, and could use your help getting over the hump. 

All of our patrons receive access to a full length bonus show every month. To that end, here's an extended excerpt from our latest show, where we cover the bonkers Nic Cage / Selma Blair "parents out to murder their kids" jam, MOM & DAD. We're joined by Petras, host of the all things Nic Cage podcast, CAGED IN. 


To become a patron, head over to and sign up today. 


This week we welcome the the cohost of the long running horror podcast Kill By Kill, Patrick Hamilton to the show. We're in the home stretch of our Conjuring covering with a hell of a fun entry into the "teens trapped in a warped haunted house" subgenre of movie. This one tries to tie the spinoffs more directly to the main movies, and it does a pretty swell job of it. Does it feel like they're sometimes trying to throw too many potential spin off characters on screen at times? Sure. Does it mostly work? Hell yes. 

THE NUN Listen or get rapped across the knuckles with a ruler

This week, Stephen Foxworthy of the Disenfranchised podcast joins us once again. This week we dive into the second character and third movie to spin off the Conjuring, with 2018's The Nun. With its gothic horror trappings, including gorgeous castles shot on location in Romania, this feels like an attempt to do Hammer Horror, minus all that pesky sexual undercurrent stuff percolating underneath. We talk about what works, how The Nun fits into the Conjuring series as a whole, and why Catholicism is ripe for horror storytelling in this entertaining AF episode. 


Fucking dolls man. 


This week Mike and Lindsay tackle the midpoint of the Conjuring movies, Annabelle Creation. David Sanberg's follow-up to his own hit, Light's Out, gets to step out of the shadows a bit with this haunted house tale that mostly works by putting kids in incredible danger, but at time suffers from bloat and repetition. Hear what else we have to say. 

THE CONJURING 2 w/Mishna Wolff (writer “Werewolves Within”)

This week we welcome special guest Mishna Wolff to talk about her new indie horror comedy, IFC's Werewolves Within) along with the second movie in the Conjuring-verse, 2016's THE CONJURING 2. This time Ed and Lorraine Warren hop over the pond to check on a pair of cheeky moppets who claim their house is being terrorized by a belligerent old man ghost. Are their more jump scare and spooky spookies to be had? This may be the height of the series, and we dive into exactly what makes this one work so well. 

ANNABELLE “Bringing this doll home is a surefire way to end any relationship”

We continue our trek through the Conjuring-verse with its first spinoff, and the first in a trilogy around that creepy-ass doll Annabelle. We're joined by Bodies of Horror host Nichole Goble to talk just why dolls are so freaky, what works in this so-so film, and what the scariest toys we ever had in childhood were. The scariest thing about this movie is just how good it is at churning out those box-office dollars, so someone out there finds her terrifying. 

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