We have a twofer for our listeners this week! First, Jerry and Mike interview the director of JASON LIVES, Tom McLoughlin. He discusses how his own training as a performer and mime influenced how he wanted Jason to move and feel, and why the time was right to inject some humor into the franchise. Plus, Tom discusses whether he would ever be willing to step behind the camera for another Friday movie if the opportunity presents itself. 

After that Jerry and Mike take our typical deep dive into the movie itself with special guest AJ BOWEN (I Trapped the Devil, The Sacrament, You're Next). AJ is on record saying JASON LIVES is not only his favorite Friday the 13th movie, not only his favorite slasher movie, hell not only his favorite horror movie, but his favorite movie of ALL TIME. While your hosts experienced some technical difficulties in the way of reverb, we were happy to let AJ wax rhapsodic about his love for this entry, being a horror dad, and the travails of indie movie making. 

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